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Candlelight Ghost Tour

Riders Beware...

You're in for a scare!

Guests on the Trolley doing things in Minneapolis

Join us for a hauntingly terrifyingly morbidly good time!

Nothing stimulates the mind like a good Ghost story. Thankfully, the Minneapolis Trolley has collected some of the most terrifying Ghost Stories here in the city of Minneapolis. From a young toddler trapped up in the ballroom of a famous mansion, to a lady in white who’s still canvassing and terrorizing her beloved neighborhood. Armed with powerful Ghost Glasses and a flickering Candle to light the way, join us on a haunted trolley tour as we venture into the unexplained.

Did you hear that? Was that a Ghost? You be the judge!


Feeling extra spooky? Stay the night at Haunted 300 Clifton to enhance your experience. Scroll down for more ways to experience Gertrude!

“One of the BEST Ghost Tours I’ve ever been on- better than the one in Key West or Savannah!”- Amy DeBruin

“We found this tour on our last day while visiting Minneapolis. Definitely one of the most memorable parts of our trip!”- Gwen McDonald

“Our guide John was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. My favorite part was Gertrudes where we got to share our own experiences”- Debra Deitz

Dare to


300 clifton Mansion Halloween

Historic 300 Clifton- a turn-of-the-century mansion on a quiet residential street, lovingly restored and open as a Bed & Breakfast, and most uniquely- rumored to be Haunted! While many of the reported paranormal experiences vary by visitors to the estate, encounters with Gertrude are one of the most popular occurrences.

Gertrude, the former ladies maid to Mrs. Carpenter endured a unexpected death at a young age. Learn the story of Gertrude by taking a Candlelight Ghost Tour on the Minneapolis Trolley or by staying at 300 Clifton.


til' you drop 🗡

Haunted Tumbler

Haunted Candlelight Ghost Tour Tumbler with glow in the dark straw. 


Spooky Greeting Cards

Hand Drawn with Blank Inside. Each card depicting a ghost story. 


Haunted Shirt

“I Survived” T Shirt in all sizes.


Additional Information About this Haunted Trolley Tour:

  • This tour is a fun thing to do in Minneapolis for adults.  Children of all ages are welcome and there is no offensive language or sexual content. There are however descriptions of deaths that have occurred in Minneapolis that have resulted in hauntings.
  • This is a City Tour of Minneapolis, and virtually all of the tour is on the Haunted Trolley.  Weather permitting there will be two opportunities to get off the trolley and get a closer look at a haunted location.  However this is not a walking tour, it is a trolley tour.  There are stair up into the trolley.
  • This is a tour of Minneapolis and the trolley tour does not leave the City Limits of Minneapolis, even though it was rated the #1 Minnesota Tour.
  • At the end of the Trolley Tour there is an opportunity to tour the Haunted Mansion 300 Clifton, including Gertrude’s Cistern and Video Lounge. Please add this on to your reservation ahead of time or when you check in.
  • Even though this tour focuses on disturbances, Minneapolis is a wonderful City with a rich history and full of promise, and all stories related on the tour should be taken in context.