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Wine Tour Minneapolis

Drink Minneapolis Wine

Let’s go on a Wine Tour, Minneapolis! That’s right, folks! Minneapolis Trolley Tours has a wine tour on the books! In this author’s humble opinion, wine is more delicious when you’re sipping it on the trolley! Furthermore its the most delicious when its also made in Minnesota and drank in Minneapolis of course! Here are some tips, tricks and recommendations to get you sounding like a pro before you board your Trolley Tour of the best spots in Minneapolis for wine!

Glasses clinking

Tasting Techniques! The Basics!

Wine should always be savored. It’s an “experience”! Smell, swirl and sip. Tasting wine is an art! As you taste more wine you will get better at tasting wine and as a result you can develop what wine suits your taste!

Man drinking wine


Know what you’re about to drink. Tilt your glass. As a result of practice you will begin to tell things like the climate in which the grapes are from, if the wine has been filtered, and even how old the wine is! A younger red wine will have purple notes to it, while a older red wine will have ruby or orange color to it. Studying your wine will unlock a huge field of knowledge for you!

Wine Pour


Why should you smell your glass of wine? To identify the flavors! Citrus, vanilla, cocoa, blueberries and raspberries are some of the amazing flavors your nose can pick up in a glass of wine. Try it next time! You’ll appreciate your glass more!

Wine Sniff


Swirling wine brings out the “bouquet”. The aromas will be brought to the surface when they interact with oxygen! It will also bring out the “legs” or “tears” on the glass of wine. Swirling is beneficial to every single type of wine you drink. So folks swirl away!

Wine Swirl

Types of Wine

There are so many varieties of wine to taste: here are some of the basic varieties you can find in the store:

Red, White, Rosé, Sparkling and Dessert!

Types of wine

Red Wine

Did you know your red wine is wine fermented with black skin grapes. This wine is known for its dryness. It tastes best the longer it is aged. Red wines are best served in a larger glass to enhance the flavor.

Red wine pour

White Wine

White wine gets its color from yellow grapes. These wines are usually sweeter. Although depending on how long white wine has been aged they can be buttery and rich as well. White wines should be drank with a smaller glass.

White wine pour


A bottle of Rosé is fermented with black skin grapes (similar to red wine) but the skin from the grapes is removed once the wine has reached the desired pink pigmentation. Its drier and can be served in a white wine glass however if you have a glass with a tulip shape to it, that can help bring some of the fruitier notes up to the palette.

Rosé wine pour.

Sparkling Wine

Who doesn’t love a glass of sparkling wine! To get its clear look the wine makers can take a white grape or a black skinned grape and take it through a secondary fermentation. They can be dry or sweet! You will want to pour your champagne into a flute to admire the bubbles however pouring your champagne in a white wine glass or a tulip glass will bring out more flavors in this celebratory wine!

Sparkling wine pour

Dessert Wine

Who doesn’t like a little something sweet? These wines are made with white or red , late harvested grapes, and some are even fortified with hard liquor. A dessert wine can be both aperitifs or digestifs.

Types of dessert wine.

Time to go out and use what you’ve learned at some local favorite spots!

Practice makes perfect! You can go explore your city before and after taking the Minneapolis Wine Tour! Who Knows? Maybe you’ll find a few of these classics spots on your Minneapolis wine tour!

Milly’s Wine Bar

Milly’s Wine Bar is a new Wine bar in Minneapolis and it is quickly becoming a local gem. This is a great wine bar to visit for those looking to expand their knowledge of wine and also those that are old friends to the beverage. During your visit play a “Wine Fight” game where your server will put two half glasses in front of you so you can use your wine tasting skills to guess the wines. They have a massive selection of wine from all over the world, two floors and delicious food!

Milly's wine glasses

Axebridge Wine Co!

Learn about wine in Minnesota by visiting Axebridge Wine Co. This winery has a variety of delicious wines with a focus on Minnesotan wines. Their offerings include wine blending classes and signature tasting experiences! The company makes most of the wine on the menu at their Vineyard, Schram Vineyards! They also offer a limo wine tour. They kick off their tour at Axebridge, and travel to both Schram Vineyards & Schram Haus Brewery.

Axebridge Wine Co. logo

Troubadour Wine Bar

This cozy spot has a great list of wines spanning from California all the way to Spain! Interested in trying new things? Let your Troubadour bartender pick your flight. Listen to local musical artists and munch on hors d’oeuvres at this cute and local spot!

Troubador wine bar window

Bojae’s Wine Bar

This cute spot in Edina, Minnesota is a wonderful place to sit down with friends and enjoy a quality glass of wine. Bojae’s wine list is on the smaller side but the selection is top notch! Their food is also phenomenal (check out those brie bites!)

Bojae's Wine Bar Logo

Urban Forage

This Minneapolis Winery and Cider house sources their produce locally from their neighborhood to make natural wines and ciders. They’re a completely gluten free establishment. You can find unusual options like Beet and Chokeberry wine, Dandelion Wine and Plum Wine here.

Silver Fern

This Café by day, Wine Bar by night is the perfect, cozy spot for quite literally any time in the day. They have a well crafted wine list featuring wines from all over the world, small plates (many that can be catered to dietary restrictions) and a strong focus on sustainability.

Try a couple of local wine stores! Make a few friends!

Did you know our local bottle shops’ staff are both very friendly and informative! Check out Minneapolis’ Northloop Wine and Spirits, they offer free wine tastings on Friday! If wine tastings peak your interest go check out: Surdyks which offers both wine/liquor/beer tastings multiple days a week. They also have a cheese shop and a restaurant attached! Interested in buying locally? Check out Ombibulous. which specializes in only selling Minnesota made: beer, liquor and wine. Ask for a Schram Vineyards‘ wines at any of these spots!

Rose wine

“Wine” not go and explore your city!

Now that you have a whole arsenal of wine knowledge get out there and explore what the city has to offer by joining us on The Great Minneapolis Wine Tour! Bring all your wine enthusiast friends! You’re also welcome to make more wine enthusiast friends, learn about wine in Minnesota and have a fabulous time!

Wine with friends.

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