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What’s Something Fun to do in Minneapolis?

The Answer is so Easy and so Unique!

Here are two one-of-a-kind experiences put together create a grand slam evening when searching for something fun to do in Minneapolis. Who wouldn’t want to explore inside the most important beautiful mansion in Minneapolis? Who wouldn’t want to encounter the paranormal on a new city wide ghost trolley tour? These activities are incredible on their own, but put them together for a spectacular night!

STEP 1.) The Candlelight Ghost Tour

Minneapolis by day is bustling and vibrant, but when the sun dips below the horizon, a different side of the city awakens. And what better way to experience this spooky transformation than by joining a Candlelight Ghost Tour? The Candlelight Ghost Tour begins at a haunted mansion, but you don’t get to explore it ….. yet…..

First, climb aboard the gleaming vintage trolley, its polished wood and brass fixtures catching the soft glow of candlelight. As you settle in, anticipation crackles in the air, fueled by the engaging narrator whose voice, smooth as aged whiskey, sets the stage for a night of spine-tingling chills. The tour unfolds like a chilling storybook. You’ll wind through the city’s historic core, down unnaturally dark roads visiting three different haunted mansions. Their imposing silhouettes against the twilight sky sends shivers down your spine as the guide regales you with tales of restless spirits and unexplained phenomena.

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As the tour progresses, the city’s familiar landmarks transform into chilling backdrops. But the experience isn’t all chills and frills. The trolley itself is a marvel, its plush seats and ornate carvings offering a sense of comfort and grandeur. The gentle swaying and rhythmic rumble as it glides through the moonlit streets add to the charm, creating a unique atmosphere that’s both spooky and strangely captivating. Perhaps the most captivating element is the narration. Forget recycled ghost stories; this tour boasts fresh, local legends, meticulously researched and delivered with a captivating blend of historical detail and chilling storytelling. You’ll find yourself engrossed in tales you’ve never heard before, adding a whole new layer of intrigue to the city you thought you knew. Sounds like something fun to do but there is more…

But then the best part comes…

STEP 2.) Return to 300 Clifton Haunted Mansion for Something Really Fun!

The grand facade of 300 Clifton Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Minneapolis, beckons with an allure that transcends its architectural grandeur. Whispers of a different kind linger within its walls – whispers of a restless spirit, a woman named Gertrude, forever bound to the very foundation where tragedy befell her.

After the trolley tour of Minneapolis, the frights continue inside this famous mansion. Step inside, and the opulent ambiance of a bygone era unfolds. Moonlight lances through ancient leaded glass windows, casting unearthly patterns on polished wood floors and intricate moldings. You’ll find yourself wandering through beautifully preserved formal rooms, each one a testament to the success of the Carpenter family, the mansion’s former residents.

Secret Doors and Passageways

But a sense of unease lingers beneath the surface. As your guide recounts the tale of Gertrude, a young maid who tragically fell into the mansion’s cistern, a shiver runs down your spine. You can almost hear the echo of her desperate cries, the splash of water, and the chilling silence that followed. The tour takes a fascinating turn as you discover a secret door! It opens to a hidden passageway, a narrow and tunnel once used solely by the servants. With a sense of anticipation, you descend into the unknown, the darkness punctuated only by the flickering light of your little candle. The air grows thick and heavy as you navigate the passage, the weight of history pressing down on you. You can almost feel the presence of those who once tread this path in secrecy, their whispers carried on the cool air.

What Happened Here?

The guide recounts chilling tales of unexplained occurrences within these walls – objects moved inexplicably, whispers on the wind, and cold spots that leave you breathless.If your nerves can handle it, you can even participate in paranormal investigations using specialized equipment. The experience is truly unsettling, offering a glimpse into the unseen world that may reside within the mansion’s walls. Is being frightened really something fun to do in Minneapolis? Absolutely!

Stay the night at 300 Clifton Bed and Breakfast if you Dare!

However, 300 Clifton Mansion Bed and Breakfast offers more than just a chilling encounter. You can also choose to spend the night as a guest in the mansion’s luxurious bedrooms. Imagine drifting off to sleep in a room steeped in history, wondering if you’ll hear the echo of footsteps or feel a presence beside you in the dark! Waking up to the first rays of sunlight filtering through the windows might leave you questioning the events of the previous night. Was it all just a thrilling story, or did you truly experience a brush with the spirit world?

Whether you choose to explore the mansion during the day or spend a night as a guest, 300 Clifton promises an experience unlike any other. It’s a place where history and hauntings collide, offering a thrilling glimpse into the past and the possibility of a truly unforgettable encounter. Couple this with the Candlelight Ghost Tour and it is really something fun to do in Minneapolis.

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