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Birthday Ideas for Adults

Celebrate Your Birthday in Style: Why a Minneapolis Trolley Tour is the beginning of the best birthday ideas for adults. The Minneapolis Trolley can be the starting point or the focal point of a great adult birthday bash.

Can't wait to see you on a Minneapolis Trolley Tour when you are looking for things to do in MInneapolis party ideas for adults

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated, and for adults, those celebrations can take on a life of their own. Ditch the monotony of dinner and drinks, and step into an unforgettable adventure with a Minneapolis Trolley Tour, and read on for some really special ways to couple your Trolley Tour with other amazing adult venues. Whether you’re a ghost hunter, a true crimes aficionado, or simply a lover of unique experiences, the trolley offers a vibrant and exciting way to celebrate another trip around the sun.

Embrace the Spooktacular with a Candlelight Ghost Tour (Most Instagramable):

Bring a few people or rent the whole trolley for a Candlelight Ghost tour Transform your birthday into a chilling adventure with a Saturday Night Ghost Tour. As the sun sets and the city cloaks itself in darkness, embark on a journey through haunted locations. The trolley visits locales shrouded in legends and whispers of the paranormal. Your knowledgeable guide will share chilling tales of ghostly encounters and unsolved mysteries. By the end of the tour, you will question the shadows around every corner. Enjoy all of this surrounded by your besties celebrating your birthday. The eerie atmosphere adding a unique touch to your birthday celebration. Pregame at the haunted mansion where the trolley starts, bring your drinks onboard, and don’t let the party stop there.

Minneapolis Trolley outside Things to do in Minneapolis for adults
Looking for unique birthday ideas for adults? Take a ride on a haunted trolley to the most paranormal locations in Minneapolis with a professional empath guide.

Unravel the City’s Dark Secrets on a True Crimes Tour:

For a birthday with a touch of intrigue, consider the True Crimes Tour. Every Sunday afternoon tour delves into the city’s riveting crimes. Uncover captivating stories of notorious criminals and unsolved mysteries. Learn about the city’s underbelly, visiting iconic locations where these events unfolded. It’s a captivating way to celebrate your birthday while simultaneously learning about the city’s complex history. Drinks are allowed on the trolley party bus, and if you rent the whole trolley, you can make some stops at bars and clubs too.

Wine tour the best way to see Minneapolis wine bars and wineries

Birthday Ideas for Adults: Make it your own – Private Party Trolley Rentals:

Take your birthday celebration to the next level by renting the entire trolley for a customizable party on wheels. Choose the ghost tour, the true crimes tour, or any other tour offered by Minneapolis Trolley Tours. When you do, the experience becomes exclusively yours. Decorate the trolley with your own flair, bring your favorite music, and create a unique party atmosphere as you explore the city. This option is perfect for large groups of friends or family members, allowing you to celebrate your birthday together in a unique and memorable way. The party trolley bus carries 28 people.

Breakfast Trolley Tour

Fuel Up for a Day of Fun with a Breakfast Trolley Tour:

Start your birthday celebration on the right foot with a Sunday morning Breakfast Trolley Tour. This unique experience combines a delicious breakfast at the renowned local eatery, the Nicollet Diner, with a captivating narrated tour of the city’s historical landmarks and architectural gems. Imagine enjoying a delectable breakfast with your loved ones while taking in the sights and sounds of the city. On Sunday, you can coincide your birthday breakfast with the Sunday Morning Drag Brunch at Nicollet Diner. This combination of experiences creates a diverse and exciting way to turn your birthday into a day full of fun and flavor.

Adult birthday party bus with people with drinks

Transform the Trolley into a Party on Wheels:

For the ultimate birthday bash, consider turning the trolley into a party trolley. Unlike the standard tours, party trolleys offer a space specifically designed for uninhibited fun. Bring your own drinks and snacks, crank up your favorite music, and let loose with your friends as you explore the city. This option is ideal for birthday celebrations that crave a more festive and lively atmosphere. All summer, the trolley is open air, so your adult birthday party is like a patio on wheels.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas – Rent the Mansion for a Post-Party Celebration:

Take your birthday festivities beyond the trolley by renting the mansion at 300 Clifton. This historic location serves as a bed and breakfast, offering you a unique post-party venue. Hit the hot tub, the game room, the haunted video lounge at the Amazing Mansion. Or imagine relaxing in the mansion’s elegant atmosphere, sharing stories and laughter with your friends after your trolley adventure. The mansion also offers the option to sleep over for out-of-town guests, turning your birthday into a memorable weekend getaway.

On the Haunted Trolley looking for ghosts is the thing to do when you are looking for birthday ideas for adults

Blow Your Friends’ Minds With Your Creativity When you Schedule One Of These Unique Birthday Ideas For Adults:

Celebrating your birthday with a Minneapolis Trolley Tour goes beyond just transportation. It is the best birthday idea for adults. It’s an immersive experience that allows you to connect with the city’s unique character and create lasting memories with your loved ones. From the knowledgeable guides to the diverse tour options, the trolley caters to various interests, ensuring an unforgettable birthday celebration for an adult who wants something more than the typical birthday routine. Couple the Trolley tour with a drag brunch or a stay at the 300 Clifton Mansion and your adult birthday party becomes unbeatable.

So, ditch the ordinary and step aboard the Minneapolis Trolley Tour for your next birthday celebration. Choose to embrace the chills of a ghost tour, unravel the mysteries of a true crime tour, or turn the trolley into a rolling party. These unique experiences guarantee a birthday celebration that will be the talk of the town.

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