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Are Ghosts Real?

Since the dawn of man, people have had supernatural experiences. It used to not be a question, but today more and more people are wondering, “Are ghosts real?” Many scientists are of the opinion that since physicists can’t readily explain all supernatural reports, ghosts are not real. However, if you interview across the United States 50% would say that ghosts are real. Also, nearly 50% believe that they have had a paranormal experience in their own lives. We experience ghosts regularly on our ghost tours, but more about that later.

Are ghosts real? most people will say yes

It is Right to Ask the Question

This sounds like politics, where half of the country believes one way and half believes the other. But what have we learned over the past few years through politics and the pandemic?

  • 1) Investigate for yourself. The information and opinions are out there for you to explore
  • 2) Companies, governments and schools will deceive for their own gain
  • 3) People’s opinions are recklessly intransigent, so be open-minded and discerning
A dark door into a spooky area
To experience ghosts we often have to deprive our senses of input by turning off the lights and being quiet. Would you go through this dark door? You will have the opportunity of this Candlelight Ghost Tour.

Yes, Ghosts are Real

Ghosts are real, but let’s start out by defining ghosts. Most people when relating a ghost story of their own, will describe an apparition. Usually they are ghosts that look very real and almost always they are of someone they know well. These are the most memorable encounters. These ghost encounters are shocking and stick in our memories. They give us goosebumps and keep us awake. Many people will relate such experiences, although they are infrequent for most people.

These are not the only kind of ghosts. Far less frequently, there are reports of malevolent ghosts. These spirits or haunts typically frequent a specific geographical location or are attributed to a physical object. They are unsettling or outright hostile. Following is a story of how the poltergeist at the Soap Factory lets people know ghosts are real.

Soap factory where ghosts are real
Deeply haunted basement of the Minneapolis Soap Factory

Minneapolis Real Ghost Story: In Minneapolis a malevolent ghost haunts the soap factory. The Soap Factory was where countless horses and stray dogs were slaughtered and boiled down in huge vats to make soap. A particularly ruthless butcher had a misstep on a catwalk and fell into a boiling vat of animal oil. His screams were intense as he became part of the next batch of National Purity Soap. The Soap Factory at 514 Second St SE is haunted to this day by this poltergeist apparition. Countless inhabitants of the building over the years have had harrowing encounters with the specter in the basement and his screams can be heard echoing through the building. Paranormal groups have had experiences too.

Psychic Mediums never wonder if ghosts are real
Who is it that experiences ghosts and why? It takes effort and opportunity.

Who sees ghosts?

Direct encounters with supernatural entities are rare. It is believed that they are rare because it takes tremendous energy for a ghost to affect the material world. In order for the apparition to appear, many factors would likely have to align, including things like the anniversary of the death, weather and astrological cycles The most important element that must be present is the person experiencing the ghost.

Since it is difficult for ghosts to appear directly to us, it is beneficial to understand how empaths have more ghost experiences. Empaths are people who are especially attune to others emotions and supernatural activity. Most empaths are women who seem to be more equipped with this sixth sense. They experience the supernatural world, not solely through vision and seeing ghosts. Empaths receive thoughts and messages which they can definitively conclude are not their own. They have pronounced ability to sense the emotions in others, and in supernatural creatures in their presence. They feel emotions, a little like someone saying,”I have a bad feeling about this,” or “this house has a bad vibe.”

Ghosts and stairs often cohabitate
Ghosts and stairs often commingle and the importance is clear. Ghosts are restless entities who incompletely crossed over their upward journey to the hereafter.

Two Types of Ghosts

Empaths are great at discerning the supernatural, but it is more than apparitions. So when people are wondering, “Are ghosts real?” some of the confusion comes from how people define and experience ghosts, hauntings and the supernatural. First, there are two main categories of ghosts and supernatural experiences.

Group1: Sentient Ghosts

Sentient ghosts are entities of any kind that make reasoned decisions and interact in real time with the material world. Not all of these are visual apparitions though. Some of these affect devices specifically designed to communicate with spirits like pendulums, diving rods, and Ouija boards. You may never see the ghost, but the ghost will communicate through other mediums, even through a person. These ghosts have impetus, or a reason to communicate.

In order to experience a sentient ghost, there must be strong motivation. One way to communicate with this type of ghost is for the material person has to have a strong desire and be willing to invest time and emotional energy into the connection. It can involve going to the right place, at the appropriate time, reducing your material senses like being in the dark and quiet and even using tools or other experienced people. Alternatively, the sentient ghost could be trying to get in contact with you. It could be a dead family member, or a poltergeist trying to scare you out of a haunted house. These ghost encounters can be the most unsettling because they can happen when we least expect them.

Are ghosts real at the Nicollet Island Inn? Stay up late

Group 2: Supernatural Energy Ghosts

We expect ghosts to come to us communicating something terrific or horrific, but there are other ghosts as well. Sometimes ghosts are not making conscious decisions about what they do, or communicating at all. Their specter or apparition is caught in a loop and at a moment in time, the energy replays like a skipping record. This comes in the form of ghosts who move through the world oblivious to the humans around them. These are merely replays of events of the past. Here is a great example of energy being replayed at a local haunted hotel: Go on a Tour

Minneapolis Real Ghost Story: Late one night at the Nicollet Island Inn, a scream was heard on the third floor of the hotel. A moment later the elevator came down, and a bloodied lady stumbled out into the hotel lobby. She took two steps across the lobby towards the check in counter and then collapsed and died with a knife sticking out of her back. The Nicollet Island Inn is haunted by this atrocity even today. Sometimes late at night, staff at the check in counter will hear a scream on the third floor, the elevator will descend and when it arrives at the lobby the door will open. Nobody inside. Nobody operating the elevator.

The famous Brown Lady coming down the stairs
The famous picture of the ghost of Lady Dorothy Townshend, or the Brown Lady. She was locked in an attic room for years and possibly had her eyes gouged out for being the mistress to another royal. She now haunts Raynham Hall.

Spiritual forces will be apparent to you in many ways. Sometimes you have a deep down feeling. Other times, you may get apparent, surface goosebumps, or the hair on your neck will go up. Often you will see ghosts out of the corner of your eye, or you will sense them by a drop in temperature. Sometimes you will hear them, or sounds that surrounded them in their life or especially their death. Most of these occurrences are reflections of what happened long ago. They are windows into the spiritual world where we experience the past. Sometimes full apparitions will reenact their death or events that surround their death.

Haunted House and graveyard
To answer the question, “Are ghosts real?” will nearly always require putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation. The spiritual world holds strong claims on some places most notable graveyards, and battlefields.

Where to Go to See Ghosts

Many towns have ghost tours, and these are a great way to find out the most haunted areas of a City. Ghost Tours also explain the type of ghost you may experience, how it appears and its ambitions. This is important information because the best way to experience a ghost is after the tour. During the tour be aware of your senses and determine which story was most compelling to you. Return to the location later on your own or with a friend. This way you can use instruments, do an investigation, or simply commune in a quieter, less hurried way.

Group tours the mansion after a Haunted Trolley Ride
Take a deep dive into the supernatural by going on a Ghost Trolley Tour, then staying at a Haunted Mansion.

Your Best Opportunity for a Haunted Experience

If you really want to answer the question for yourself, “Are ghosts real?” then experience a real ghost. The best opportunity to experience a real ghost is at 300 Clifton Bed and Breakfast in Minneapolis. An amazing Candlelight Ghost Trolley Tour all around Minneapolis starts and ends at this historic haunted estate. The Trolley Tour travels to the most haunted areas of Minneapolis and explains the ghosts, why they are there and how to experience them.

Then the tour returns to the Haunted Mansion, and the exploration continues inside, throughout the amazing mansion, through secret passageways, down secret corridors, and into haunted basement rooms. You will hear the ghost stories of the house and get to explore areas usually off limits. The best opportunity to have a supernatural experience is to stay overnight at 300 Clifton Mansion after the tour. Wander out of your room at night, down the dark stairs and around the fabulous estate. It is an unforgettable experience. BOOK HERE a Stay at 300 Clifton Haunted Mansion. BOOK HERE a Candlelight Ghost Tour.

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